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Yep it's me, Bruce Gabrielson, the 1960s Huntington Beach Snake, still alive and surfing as best I can after over 60+ years on a surfboard. If you're an old friend, please email me. Otherwise, say hi if you see me in the lineup in Huntington Beach, Ocean City, Maryland, or in other parts of the world.

This web site was first put on the net as an FTP messaging board in 1990 while I was working at Naval Research Labs using a blackmagic domain. To my knowledge it was the first Internet surfing website. I believe my book, The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches" was also the first full text book placed on the Internet about 1991 while I was researching bandwidth issues.

I no longer update this site or my facebook page that often since I retired. Been a long time at it but now it's time to fade into the sunset. I've gotten to know many great surfing friends over the years. Maybe I will run into you someday. I still get emails.

My postings on FACEBOOK

I give private SURF LESSONS in Ocean City, MD. Very reasonable rates.

For more information on the Surf Cards I create and provide to various groups and events click here.

To order my book, History of West Coast Surf Clubs. email me at Dealer inquiries welcome.

To the Wave Trek Surfboards Website - My original surfboard company.

Member of
the Huntington Beach Longboard Crew (my hometown club)
the Caravan Surf Club
62nd Street Longboarders (my 1980s Ocean City club)
the Ocean City Surf Club
the West Coast East Surf Club (South Carolina)

In addition to being a certified surf instructor, I have coached many professional level surfers over the years including Mike Downey, Jeff Smith, Bobby Burchell, Bobby Nishi, Rick Fignetti, Ron Crumby and more recently North Shore standout Aaron Powell.

Below are links to my various resources. For pictures taken of me and by me over the years click the pictures link.

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To my shaping mentor Dale Velzy's special shaping equipment display that I sometimes show at special events.

If you plan to visit me or this area, here is what you will see!!

Bruce Gabrielson, PhD
"Ironman" Hall-of-Fame
Huntington Beach Longboard Crew Hall-of-Fame
Surfing Walk of Fame
Chairman - National Surf Schools and Instructors Association
Founder of organized and recignized High School Surfing in the United States

PO Box 550
Cheaspeake Beach, MD 20732

Feel free to email me your comments, etc.

At 77, injuries have added up and I've really slowed down.Competitions are over. - 2010 ECSC Finals

This is the original first surfing web page (but now with a domain name). It was put on DARPANET using Mosaic in 1991 (while I worked at Naval Research Lab). I originally used it to transfer files and then put my coaches surf book on the web when Mozella was invented.

The Snake

Link to the Shapers Tree - You can find me on the Dale Velzy branch

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