Snake's "In My Tube" Surf Links

Note: This links page is for personal friends and organizations associated with Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson. This is not a link for link type of site. Those linked below are groups he is involved with, old time friends or those sites that were among the earliest on the Internet. This site was the first Internet surfing web site.

Tripocal Lite Surfboards - An old surf partner and Wave Trek Team Rider John Van Ornum's Web Site

Cocoa Beach Surf Lessons With Skip Savage - Skip's one of my old surf partners

Kim "Dangerwoman" Hamrock Surf Lessons in Huntington Beach - A Great Core HB Surfing Pro

John Geyer's SOS (Surfing & Sailing Shop) in Western AU - My very first surfing partner

Steve Walden Surfboards - An old surfing friend whose boards I ride now

Mirror Image Photography - My wife's site - Many great surf related pictures for sale

Surf Academy - An old surf partner and Wave Trek Team Rider - Mary Setterholm's Surf School in LA

KillerB Photography - My surf photographer friend Brian Maglietta's site

Pegleg Surf Arts - Jeff is an old friend

Coalition of Surfing Clubs - An organization I support

Jim Facey Productions - My friend in the surf music industry

The Reverb Galaxy Surf Band - My bud Art Svrjcek's Surf Band

Cal-State Long Beach Surf Team - The team Chuck Linnen and I originally founded

Longboard Crew - Huntington Beach Surf Club - My HB Surf Club

Surf007 - My Friend Ray Bond's Site

Surfing Forum - A Blog Site I'm a Member of

North East Surf Music Alliance - The surf music organization I support

Global Oceanic Surf Links - Peter Brown is an old friend

International Surfing Museum - Huntington Beach, California

Voice for Veteran Srevices - my old surf bud Robin Rustin

National Surfing/Wrestling "Ironman" Hall-of-Fame

Delaware-Maryland Surf Report

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