Dale Velzy Shaping Collection

Shaping equipment given by Dale to Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson in 1967
so he could start wave Trek Surfboards
(Only Part of the Collection is Shown)

Rough Grit Sanding Block

Small Block Planer

Skill Planer

Gun Template

Regular Template

Velzy's Name on Template

After shaping for Soul Surfboards, Velzy went to work selling blanks for Bob Rogers.

Ad About Rogers Foam

Rogers foam screen used to stencil blanks.
Given to Bruce by Dale to make T-Shirts in 1971

One of only two remaining unshaped Rogers Foam blanks

One of Velzy's Two Original Shaping Stall Lights
I used them for almost 20 years after he gave them to me.
They are now located in the Velzy stall at the Heritage Museum.

Dale "The Hawk" Velzy and Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson