Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson and Friends
2009 Winter/Spring Pictures

Shaper Bing Copland and I
Surf EXPO 2009 Pictures
Orlando, FL January

My grandson Clayton practicing on his Waikiki Wipe Out Board
Chesapeake Beach, MD, January

Jeff Carbin and I on the Grassey Knoll and in front of the Schoolbook Repository.
Dallas, TX - February

Easter Surf Festival
Cocoa Beach, Florida - April
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Gordie Duane and I
ISM Surfboard Shaper's Exhibit Opening
Huntington Beach, California - April
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Outside Surf Instructors
Holden Beach, NC - May
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Snake and His Coonhound Roxy
Wave Trek Surf Shop
Chesapeake Beach, MD - May

Scott Green and I
Ocean City, MD - June

Aaron Powell and I with an Aliea he Shaped
Betheny Beach, DE - June

Longboard Challenge Luau
Ocean City, MD June

Longboard Challenge Luau
Ocean City, MD June