"Snake" Gabrielson and Friends
2000 Surfing Pictures

Surf EXPO, Orlando - January 2000

Me and Corky
We still talk about our 1970 argument

Da Snake and Da Bull

Skip's Doing Well with the Staff

I had a very nice visit with the Weber family.

ESA Mid-Atlantic Regionals - Kill Devil Hills, NC - May 2000

Won my first "Legends" (55 years young) trophy in June at the Delaware ESA contest

65th St, Ocean City, MD - August
Notice I'm wearing web gloves - Don't care what anyone says, they work great!

The 62nd Street Surf Club Plays at K-Coast (right)
John Robbins on the left - Butch Dye on the right - can't tell in the middle but probably Ed DeCorse
Bud Wally Abrams and I Enjoy the Party (left) - early September

John Geyer & I
Freemantle, Australia - September
John was my very first surf partner and also my college wrestling partner in the 60s

Ron Taylor & I
Seacliff, Southern Australia - September
Ron and I have stayed in close contact on a regular basis for years.

More Pictures and the Writeup on my Trip to OZ
September and October

Chuck Linnen & I
HBSA 30-year Reunion - October 14, 2000

David Nuuhiwa & I
HBSA 30-year Reunion - October 14, 2000