My ESA Mid-Atlantic Regionals Trip

Kill Devil Hills, NC - May 2000

by Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson

This was my first trip to the North Carolina Outer Banks in several years. I really enjoy the area, but living 7 hours north near DC has usually put a damper on frequent trips to the area. However, this year Delaware ESA had asked that I represent them as a judge for the event, plus I really needed a vacation from the cold water at my local breaks, so I figured "go for it."

My big truck was in the shop so I fixed up my new small truck to haul my longboard. My new truck has Tennessee plates which I'm sure raised a few eyelids from the locals who saw my board on top. Not to worry though as I still got plenty of waves outside the contest area at every break.

The judging wasn't that bad except for a couple of times when the smaller inconsistent surf caused a few differences in scores. I did feel sorry for the competitors on Sunday when the surf got smaller as the finals got closer.

On Sat night I did some partying with the Delaware surf crew (below right with Jack, Aaron, and Harry and left above with Ed "Surf" Smith. The locals from my break in DE didn't do as well as we hoped, but they still accounted for themselves well.

I ran into some of my VA Beach 71st Street Angler buds who were also judging the contest. I've been to some of their events, including their super nice Christmas Formal and have judged their Memorial Day Longboard Classic, plus I'm on Harry Henke's mailing list, so I guess I'm sort of an assiciate member. Don Davis (at left) was there with his son. Interestingly, I didn't know his son, but happened to pick up this lost looking hitchhiker leaving the big blowout party after the contest and now I know him.

I also caught a few nice waves (except for Sunday when the surf absolutely died), etc. I really enjoyed surfing warmer water with the locals at Naggs Head Pier. Very friendly to visitors. When I paddled out there wasn't a lot of wave jockying, just fun surfing. I will say that the break at the pier had nice shape when I was there, kind of an outside reef with rolling tubes.