Duke Kahanamoku Collection

The collection features pictures, posters, books and artifacts
(Only Part of the Collection is Shown)

Duke's High School Picture
A Tea Leaf Lei hangs on this picture

First Day Issue Duke Stamp
Waikiki above Huntington Beach below

Framed Duke Stamps from Huntington Beach

Duke Picture

Dukewith his car

Duke Hood Ornament Reproduction

Duke picture the hood ornament is based on

Duke's Family

Duke's Surf Club Photo

1914 Mid-Pacific Carnival Poster

Visited the American Indian Museum at the Smithsonian in 2012 This is the special exhibit on the Duke


The Soul of Surfing - Hawaii (Signed by Fred), Fred Hemmings*, First Published, 1997

Waterman, The Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku (Signed by David), David Davis, University of Nebraska Press, 2015

Duke - A Great Hawaiian, Sandra Hall

My memories

I had the great pleasure of meeting and talking to the Duke when he attended the United States Surfboard Championships during the 1960s. He was a very humble person.