Books in the Library. Many are signed by the authors(*).

Note: Not all books can be checked out.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore
Off Road Plan - Environmental Impact Statement
US Department of the Enterior, 2010

Croatoan, Birthplace of America
Scott Dawson*
Infinity Publishing, 2010

Competitive Surfing
Brian Lowdon *
Movement Publication, 1988

Dale Velzy is Hawk
Paul Holmes

Deep in the Wave
Yvon Chournard
Bregin Books, Ldt, 2008

Duke - A Great Hawaiian
Sandra Hall, 2004

Encyclopedia of Surfing
Matt Warshaw
Hardcourt, 2013

Essential Surfing
George Orbelian *
Orbelian Arts, 1987

Hobie - Master of Water, Wing, and Waves
Paul Holmes* (also signed by Hobie Alter), 2014

Huntington Beach - An Oral History
Community History Project
California State University, Fullerton, 1981

Glenn Hennings*
Writers Guild, 2004

Legends of Surfing
Duke Boyd
MVP Press, 1993

Let My People Go Surfing
Yvon Chounard, 1973

Bill Morris
New Sun Publications, 1995

Surfing, A Way of Life
Sam George
Millard Press, 1990

Surfer's Code
Shaun Tomson*
Gibbs Smith Publishing, 2006

Surfing San Onofre - 1936 to 1942
Don James, 1998

Surfing in South Carolina
Lilla and Foster Folsom, 2016

Surfing's Golden Age, 1960-1967
Leroy Grannis *
Journal Concepts, 1968

Tapping the Source
Kem Nunn
No Exit Press, 2003

Teaching Surf Instructors to Teach
Bruce Gabrielson, et all
National Surf Schools and Instructors Association 2005

The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches
Bruce Gabrielson*
George Farquar Publishing, 1977

The Soul of Surfing - Hawaii
Fred Hemmings *
First Publishing, 1997

Tom Blake
The Uncommon Journey of a Pioneer Waterman

Where The Surfers Are
Peter Dixon