Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson's
Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Posters of many activities on display

Huntington Beach Surfing Association
Outstanding Surfer Awards

Rick Griffin Cartoons from Greg Noll's Book

HBSA 30 and 40 Year Reunions - Signed

Greg Noll at Pipeline - Signed

Katin Pro-Am

Gigit Postcards - Signed

Wooden Years Shaping Event - Signed

Pacific Vibrations

Pacific Vibrations

Dewey Weber - Signed


World Championships in Puerto Rico - Signed

Eddie Aikau Big Wave Challenge

First East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame Poster Signed

50th East Coast Surfboard Championships - Signed

Worlds Largest Surfboard

Duke Kahunamoko

From Jay Adam's Paddleout

Endless Summer Poster - Signed

Women Who Surf Poster - Signed

Rise of the Silver Surfer