Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson's
Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

We have a large collection of historic and current surf pictures. Here are just a few.

Oldeast known photograph of a surfer - 1887

Police Gazette - Ashbery Park, NJ
Oldest full article about surfing

Corona Del Mar Jetty
Site of First Pacific Coast Champiopnships

Cape Hattaras, NC
First Hattaras Lighthouse Location

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Pete Smith at the First East Coast Surf Championships - Signed

Huntington Beach Pier - 1970s

Getting Air by Kim Gabrielson

3 Poles South Australia

Hawaii by Kim Gabrielson

Unknown Photographer

Corky Carroll by Leroy Grannis

Unknown Photographer

Bruce Gabrielson-Unknown Photographer

Tom Blake Fin

From the Ironman display

HB Pier by Kim Gabrielson