Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson's
Surfing Museum and Surf Art Gallery
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

The Dale Velzy Shaping Equipment Display
Many Surfing Things of Interest

Both First Day Issue Duke Stamps
Huntington Beach and Waikiki

Duke First Day Issue Huntington Beach

Mermaid Card Holder

Jeff Ho "Zephyr" T-Shirt - Signed

Makaha Skateboard - Signed

Ancient Surfboard Reed Model from Peru

Surfing Santa Figure

Santa Figure

Funny Santa Surfer

Surf Globe

Velzy Tribute Flyer Signed by Dale
Shaping Card Signed

Shark Figure

Early Carved Hawaiian Nutcracker

Jim Angeley Carved Fin (we have several)

Large Surfing Cards Collection and Pictures
from Various Surfers & Shapers

Duke hood ornament replica

Endless Summer Towell

From destroyed Frisco Pier

From destroyed Huntington Beach Pier

Dave Reynolds Display

From the US Championships of the 60s and 70s