Surf Products Used and Endorsed by the Snake. If you would like to become one of my sponsors, send me an email or let me know at one of the events around.

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I was Steve's first team rider when he opened Walden Surfboards in 1967. A few years back I was looking for a longboard that could handle larger waves easily and had the good fortune to try a Magic Model. Now I currently use a high performance Walden Magic Model that not only nose rides well on any wave but I find it especially suited to bigger days.

I was discussing a noseride I had with Greek one day and mentioned how much vibration I felt when my speed increased. He told me about a new fin design he had been working on that would both eliminate the vibration and also help prolong my noserides. It worked and I have been using Turbos ever since. I currently use my 7 1/2" Turbo on larger days and my 9 1/2" Turbo most other days.
Of course I like this one. Just like the old baseball card days but surf cards instead. The packs contain 100% All Natural Chewing Gum in various flavors plus each pack contains two Collectible Trading Cards. The cards feature surfers & boardriders from around the world. Pros, team surfers, and some x-tremely unknown locals looking good. If you have a great picture you can send it in and it may end up on a card. 10 cents from every pack goes to organizations dedicated to improving ocean quality.
The PaddleAir is a great idea for surfers with back problems, particularly older surfers. It's a vest-type device that works well to relieve back pressure. Years back I ran my Wave Trek Surf Van off a cliff in New Mexico when returning from an East Coast visit. My back was seriously injured and has bothered me ever since, especially on days when I paddle a lot, or during the winter when I'm wearing heavy rubber. One of my former students, Dave Hilts, let me try a new product he was working on to ease the stress on my back and neck. It works.
I use and fully endorse the Global Surf Industries soft top boards for my surf school. We have used many boards for lessons and the GSI soft tops not only handle the rugged activities of a surf school but the also handle well when I've surfed on them.

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