Welcome to Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson's Surfing School

NOTE-We primarily focus on private or small family lessons. That way we can teach you to surf quickly and more personally.

We don't have a fancy web site or high prices. We just provide quality private, family and group lessons for both beginner and intermediate level surfers of all ages in the Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland and Delaware regions. Regular season private, family, or group lessons run from mid-May through October. Cold water private lessons on a limited basis are held during the winter months. All boards, wetsuits, leashes, rashguards etc. are included with the lesson.

Wave Trek Surfboard's Huntington Beach Surfing legend and former Surf Pro Coach Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson and his NSSIA certified instructors have been helping numerous kids and adults enjoy the sport of surfing since the late 1960s. Beginner lessons concentrate on safe board control, wave etiquette, and catching that all-improtant first wave.

More advanced students learn the more specialized skills of style improvement, strength conditioning, wave judgement, and for the very advanced, board tricks. The instruction also includes background material from Snake's Book, The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches. The top students are coached in what it takes to receive high scores in competitions. We have coached several who made it to the pro rankes over the years.

Early morning private small group lesson.

Surf lessons are normally given at 39th in Ocean City, Maryland using the Stormblade or Global Surf industries softtop boards beginning at 8 am. Private lessons are also sometimes scheduled at other beaches when conditions warrent. Lessons are for 1 1/2 to 2 hours or half day (two 2 hour with break sessions). Besides the Snake, all other instructors are fully certified and trained through the National Surf Schools and Instructors Association.

Rates are very reasonable plus quality custom boards can be supplied for a slight additional fee. SUP lesson's are provided daily at Brown's Beach on the Chesapeake Bay near Chesapeake Beach. These lessons are scheduled and operated directly out of our Wave Trek Surf Shop on Rt 261 in Chesapeake Beach.

So drop us a note when you feel the need to try that first wave, enter a contest, turn pro, or just improve your skills. We have a great deal of experience with young groms to older folks just wanting to say "I did it." Plenty of beginning students in the Washington DC metro region have already attended and now surf on a regular basis.



Our surf lessons are listed on Thumbtack.


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