Surfbook and Print Order Information

Attention surf historians, surf book collectors, 1960's and 70's surf buffs, old time Huntington Beach surfers and surfers who want to coach surf teams!

The original printed hardbound copy of my book, published by George Farquar at Huntington Beach News, was sold out back in 1978. Only 500 copies of the original book were ever printed and none are available now. The web version is now freely available to anyone. However, due to the many requests for a "clean" non-web copy of this book, we are pleased to announce that the Chapter 1 upgraded version of The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches is still available by personal copy only. We print these up from our computer one at a time and don't make any profit. This soft cover hand bound version contains more (and clearer) figures and pictures than the web version and the appendices, including the formal signature pages from Surfing's "Declaration of Independence". The book also contains copies of some of Snake Gabrielson's surf related papers and other historical information. Interested individuals may obtain their signed personalized copy by sending $15 plus include $5 to help cover postage in US (or an additional $5 for Europe/Africa/Australia).

Note: Former Wave Trek Surf Team members can also receive their old team T-shirt free by request. email the Snake.

If you include an extra $10 (my cost), we will send you an 8" x 10" copy of the famous Huntington Beach Pier picture, "North Side Morning". This picture is part of the Huntington Beach Pier Collection by Kim (Way) Gabrielson.

North Side Morning
(Jeff Smith and Snake Gabrielson at the old HB Pier - 1980s)

Be sure to check out the Mirror Image Photography Collection of the old Huntington Beach Pier, Australia's Coastline and the Chesapeake Bay and Beach

This book is included on my Memories CD plus many other interesting items and historical video footage - It's only $15. Check it Out.

Note: The B&W picture of me shooting the HB Pier will be included with all orders.


Please send ____________ book copies ($15 + shipping) and/or ________ pier picture copies (circle signed/unsigned).  

Please send ____________ CD copies ($15) and/or ________ pier picture copies (circle signed/unsigned)

Enclosed find a check or money order for: _________
(non-US orders send bank check)


PO BOX or ADDRESS____________________________________________________________







Send your book order with name, mailing address, email address, check, etc. to:

Mirror Image
PO Box 550
Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732

Note: all orders will receive an autographed 1970's print of Snake shooting the Huntington Beach Pier