"Snake" Gabrielson and Friends
21st Annual Snake's Luau
Chesapeake Beach, MD - September 6th, 2008

The media hype for Hurricane Hanna was off the chart, sort of like the phony media hype for politicians. All I could hear on the news for two days was how the Hurricane approaching would cause terrible problems, particularly right on my head for my annual luau. Well, the day of the luau came, the rains in the morning came, some wind hit, but time the luau got going around 4 or so the rain was almost gone and there really wasn't much wind to speak of. All that really happened was a lot of folks stayed home and missed another great one.

I did take a couple of precautions just in case before hand. I cleared out all the boards inside my shop, some to my shaping room and some to my van, moved the furniture and racks around, and put several chairs in the main areas. The band didn't mind playing inside since my shop has a large garage door for opening outside. The main band, the Buffetts, was exceptional and didn't believe the forecasters either. Unfortunately, one of the other bands did cancel.

This year I went all out to bring some surf culture to the Washington DC region for a change. Besides my own collection, I brought in a large number of art works from some of the top surf artists and photographers locally, in Southern California, and in Florida. My wife is a professional sports photographer as well, and recently shot the East Coast Surf Championships. She not only displayed her numerous beach and pier scenes, but she showed production copy that features three photos from ECSC that are going to be used in upcoming ads. The top two artists with large displays were Courtney Trostle from Southern California and Bonnie Preziosi from Ocean City, Maryland. Both talented artists have numerous works displayed many places. I also had a nice flyer printed up for all the artists featuring some background about each plus pictures of their works.

My deck was set up a little less extravagant then previous years. I was worried that the wind might blow everything around but it didn't happen. We moved the bar to face the living room door and it turned out to be a better fit after all. It ended up the gathering and watering hole for those who just wanted to relax. My son Jason served as bartender most of the night..

The luau is a potluck with most folks bringing their special Hawaiian dishes. My wife made her usual chicken specialty. Probably the two other best dishes were some pineapple flavored meatballs from Ron McAdoo, and a very good Hawaiian dessert contributed by Mary Woody. Below are pictures from this years event.

The Wave Trek Painting Greets Visitors
Painted by Dave Soble
On the Side of My Shaping and Glassing Building
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2008

The Buffets
Starting the Luau From Inside My Shop Was a Blast
Snake's Annual Luau
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2008

Sitting in the Doorway

From the Far Corner

Out Front

Parking Was a Fine But a Little Wet

No Sand in the Driveway this Year

There were a lot of little guys this year

There Were Some Awards Given to A Couple of VIPs,
NCAA Wrestling All-American Mike Cannon
& 3x High School State Champ Andrew Bannister

Put up my Velzy Display with One of my Other Templates

Some Folks Just Sat Inside and Enjoyed

Jason Gabrielson and Scott McAdoo Tended Bar on the Deck

Entering the Art Show in My Library

Part of Kim Gabrielson's Photo Display
Three ECSC photos are being used in ads and articles.

Cortney Trostle's Large Piece

More Cortney Trostle

Bonnie Priziosi had a Super Display

My Wall Paintings and Pictures are Always Up

With all the trouble it takes to put on an exceptional luau, I don't know if it is worth the effort. Might just take a trip next year. Twenty one years is a long time.