"Snake" Gabrielson and Friends
Wave Trek Surfboards Glassing Day
January 27, 2007

Finally, after nearly two years, my new shop was ready and I can glass again. It happened to be the coldest day so far theis year (in the 30's) but I was too happy to notice. Dave Soble shaped two boards for me to glass, one a longboard for volan glassing. After we finished glassing, I headed out to Chick Hall's Surf Club for a surf band concert and to celebrate. Some pictures below.

Spreading cloth on the longboard

Laminating the longboard

Triming the laminated volan

Dave watches as I fill coat the funboard shape.

Ding fixing during the Breaks

Dave Soble and I
Besides a shaper, Dave is also a Tatoo Artist
He's responsible for both my new snake decal and my Wave Trek decal.