"Snake" Gabrielson and Friends
2002 Winter/Spring Surfing Pictures

71st Street Angler's Breakfast
Early January 2002 - Virginia Beach

Bob Simmons and I at the Breakfast
January 2002 - Virginia Beach

Ticket to the Concert

The Endless Summer Reunion Concert
Bruce Brown and the Sandals on Stage
Costa Mesa, CA - April 6th

L-R Larry Cobb (Shaper) , Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson (Ex-Shaper),
Steve Boehne (Shaper) , Mel Ross (Ofshl Fins) , Bob "The Greek" Bolen ( Shaper)
April, Dana Point

Steve Boehne and I at his Shop in Dana Point
I first got to know Steve when he became the shaper at Soul Surfboards in the late 1960s.

Picture of Steve I took in 1972
Notice all the "Surf Legends" in this Old Picture

Me Talking at the Huntington Beach Longboard Crew Meeting
April, Huntington Beach

Some of the HBLC Members
L-R Mike Spence, Gary Sahagen, Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson, Mark Weiss, Bob "Greek" Bolen,
Bob Frederickson, Bill Brewer, Dave Carlos

Jim Angley Party
April, Huntington Beach

Me and Former Ole Shaper Roy Chacon
April, Jim's Huntington Beach Party

Me and Danny Makena
April, Jim's Huntington Beach Party

Jim Angley With His Creations
April, Jim's Huntington Beach Party

Team Delaware - Mid-Atlantic ESA Regionals
May 4, 2002

Getting My Award - ESA Mid-Atlantic ESA Regionals

Mike Clark and I at Regionals
May 5, 2002

Me, Butch Dye, Randy Myer, Kip Martin
62nd St Longboard Club Members
May Ocean City Chapter Surfrider Clean-up Activity

With My Truck Broke and in the Shop
Soft Rack Surfing at Chincoteague
May 19, 2002

Chincoteague Island, North Parking Lot Break
May 19, 2002

Gatey Dawkins and I
May Chincoteague Island Session

The Chincoteague Lighthouse
May 2002 Visit