"Snake" Gabrielson's"
Early 1970's Surfing Pictures

Me After a HB Pier Heat
Notice John Davis on the Right

Me at Pipeline - 1972

Another of Me at Pipeline - 1972
Sorry but not good pictures

Ocean Beach Contest -

Huntington Beach Pier South Side

Jeff Smith and I at John Geyer's House, Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii (Don't remember which break)

US Surfboard Championships - Huntington Beach
(Donald Takayama won, I'm in the red shirt)

US Surfboard Championships Finals

Another US Surfboard Championships Wave

Huntington Beach Pier North Side

Huntington Beach Pier South Side

HBSA Club Championships Final - 22nd St

3Ms - Mexico

Dana Kimbrow and Snake Strategy Session
Before the US Chs Finals

Seaside Reef

This isn't me but Charley Ray driving my old Wave Trek Surfboards van.