Welcome to "Snake" Gabrielson's Surfing School

Instructor Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson

Known in the surfing world as the Huntington Beach Snake, HBLC Hall of Fame and Shaper's Tree Shaping Hall of Fame member Bruce "Snake" Gabrielson has been teaching lessons and coaching surfers at all levels, including professionals, since the 1960s. Not only was he the first surfing coach at Huntington Beach High School, he is also credited with founding the first high school surfing league in the United States. He authored two books, "The Complete Surfing Guide for Coaches" and "Teaching Surf Instructors to Teach". He is also a Master Level Instructor formally cerified by the National Surf Schools and Instructors Association. If you want to learn, why not learn from one of the best in the surf school industry. If you want to move on to the next level, why not have a coach with many national champions and professional surfers to his credit help you get there.