"Snake" Gabrielson and Friends
20th Annual Snake's Luau
Chesapeake Beach, MD - September 8th, 2007

It was a super day and warm night for the 20th annaversary of my annual luau. We really did it up right this year with two surf bands, hula lessons, an antique surfboard display, my Dale Velzy shaping equipment display, a surf art and photography show, a bonfire board sacrifice with fireworks, various Hawaiian food dish contests and awards, best costume awards, plus my pool, surf shop, and bar on the deck were all open. One of the biggest attractions that everyone enjoyed was I covered my driveway with beach sand. Lindsey Gilbert had her film crew taking video all day. Before the luau started I gave a short history of my luaus going back to the great Huntington Beach party in the early 1970s. I also read a poem I wrote just before the board was sacrificed. May never have another one this big again but My luau's are open to all and usually draw a good crowd. If you didn't make it this time I can always say "You really missed it." Below are some of the many pictures taken by Brian, Kim, Karen and myself. This was about as good as a surf luau can get (particularly when you live on 29 acres with no neighbors).

My Artificial Beach Driveway Just Up From My Shop
Snake's Annual Luau
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2007

Still Going Strong - The "Original" Huntington Beach Snake was
in Costume, Rare Form and Ready to Party
Snake's Annual Luau
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2007

The Surf Band Reverb Galaxy
Starting the Luau With a Blast
Snake's Annual Luau
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2007

The Shop Sign at the Driveway Was Easy to Spot

My Parking Area Started to Fill Early

I Opened the Wave Trek Shop Around Noon

I finally Pulled the New Board Display Out Front

View From the Front Porch

Some Just Dressed for a "Normal Party
They Weren't Expecting a true "Snake" Party

A Few Little Guys Watched
Clayton Gabrielson and Mom

Some of the Many Who Received Awards

There Were Many Who Watched Before Dancing

Eventually There Were Lots of Dancers on the Sand

Getting Into Hula (Snake Took it Off)

Some Tried
George Vermillion (K-39 Surf Band)
and Lindsey Gilbert (Surf Movie Producer)

Some Got Private Lessons

Some Just Enjoyed

Many Artists Like Kim Hamrock,
Bonnie Preziosi and Tatoo Artist Dave Soble Had Displays

Professional Photographers Like Brian Magalitta
and Kim Gabrielson Had Displays

Some Artists Gave Tatoos

Some Partiers Like Alex Got Two Tatoos

Some Partiers Like Allie Put on Flowers

Don and Karen Just Enjoyed the Festivities

Sign for My Dale Velzy Shaping Equipment Display
The Display featuring early Velzy built templates, sanding blocks, a planer, and a Roger's Foam unshaped blank and stencil was a hit.

Snake's Antique Boards Collection on Display Ranged from
the 1950s to 1980s. Dextras to Greg Nolls along with Several of Snake's Old Wave Trek's

We Kept an Eye on the Little Guys Around the Pool
Maybe a Future Surf Buds to Party With?

At Dark We Sacrificed a Token Board at the Campfire and Prayed for Surf
This Was Followed by Lighting the Fireworks and Roasting Marshmallows
A Couple of Crazies Tried to Jump Over the Candles.
(Next year I plan to turn the entire campfire area into an artificial beach as well.)
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2007

Kevin Buff's Band Started After We Finished the Nightfall Cerimonies
Snake's Annual Luau
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2007

Later in the Evening We Watched or Sat at the Bar
Snake's Annual Luau
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2007

Took This Picture from the Bar at Midnight
The Serious Composers and Jammers Were Still Going Strong
Snake's Annual Luau
Chesapeake Beach, Sep, 2007